Top Authoring Tools for ELearning Content Development

eLearning is a learning methodology whereby learners are instructed in a more realistic environment so that they grasp the subject matter with ease and can also retain it for a longer period of time compared to the traditional methods of learning.

When it comes to deciding the tools for eLearning Content development, an instructional designer ought to keep in mind the instructional that is being imparted, the target audience, the venue, the budget and also a few other pertinent factors. You can get innovative learning solutions online.

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There are several tools that are today being put to use in the eLearning industry. In fact, with passing time, there is lots more innovation happening with the instructional designing tools. The top tools used for eLearning Content development are the following:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Presenter
  • Articulate Engage
  • Adobe Connect
  • TechSmith Camtasia
  • Adobe Presenter
  • Harbinger Raptivity

Besides these tools, some others used for eLearning Content development include:

Smart Builder: This tool is specially designed to create Flash courses. The after result of the tool is rich content. Besides, it also has an easy user interface.

The Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool: The tool has the quality using which content developers can integrate video, audio, texts, and images in a single course thereby creating a compact course.

Lesson Writer: This tool is especially suited for teachers so that they can develop lessons from any passage. It is ideal for the teachers because they can use their creativity and also a lot of time is saved when it comes to creating their lesson plans.

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