Is No Doc Home Loan Right For You?

If you have a good income but cannot verify it, no doc home loans, low doc or no document loans could be for you. With these types of loans, no income verification required.

For all types of loans there are some necessary documents. These types of loans are basically refers to the fact that the documentation of income is not required. To know more about low doc home loans in Australia you can also visit

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A no document loan is best for the self-employed, independent contractors, or people who make huge sums of money in tips or bonuses. There are 3 main types Low Doc or No Document Loans.

No Loans Ratio

If you are going to have a hard time getting the documentation for your income, no ratio loan may be right for you. For this type of loan, debt to income ratio is not considered. Debt to income ratio is a major factor in approving loans and establishes tribes.

NINA – No Income – No Asset

Some people are strictly protecting their privacy. They do not want to give any information such as occupation, income or assets. If you have a very high credit score, it is still possible to get credit without this information.

Other Income (Low Doc) Loans

Some people rely heavily on bonuses or income fluctuates week to week, or month to month. If this is your stated income loan is probably what you bring into your home. You do not have to document your income, but you must declare the nature of jobs and other income you should be in the normal range for that field of work.

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