Tips to Follow that Will Help you to Keep the Hostel Dorm Clean


Majority of the times, travelers often ignore keeping their dorm rooms clean. For instance; plates are left inside the sink after a meal or bathrooms are left unattended without any form of cleaning. However, as a traveler you should always keep your dorm room clean whenever you can. These tips will help you in achieving just that when it comes to cleaning.

The Toilet – Dirty toilets leads to dirty smells and unpleasant odors that easily spread from one room to another. Make sure you use disposable wipes to get the areas of taps and doorknobs clean from any formation of bacteria. You should also use toilet sprays to make the mirror look cleaner.

The Kitchen –The kitchen is the second place in a hostel that remains on the dirtier side. As hotels allow travelers to cook their own meal, many of them forget to clean the chopping boards, knifes, spoons and even the plates. Make sure you clean every time you use anything from the kitchen with a soap detergent. If other travelers see you doing this, they will also follow you.

Extra Cleaning Tips – These are a few additional cleaning tips to keep the hostel rooms clean.

  • Making a schedule for cleaning among travelers is a great option.
  • Once you start with the cleaning work, stop only once the work is done.
  • Put some form of music to give heads-up to others proving that cleaning is going on.

Follow these tips while staying in hostel in Canggu Bali.