Reasons that will convince you to Visit Sri Lanka


Due to the civil war, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry had a big impact on where travelers didn’t want to visit this country. However, the civil war ended in 2009 and tourism in Sri Lanka has actually picked up for the best. Today, this amazing country is home to some of the best things and experiences that are going to make you happy. Let’s focus on some more reasons that will surely convince you and your family or friends to head over to Sri Lanka.

  1. For Delicious Food – The food of Sri Lanka is one of the reasons that make it worth visiting. There are varieties of food offered for those who love to eat anything to simply a tasty salad for the health-conscious. Some of the best items to have in Sri Lanka are chicken, sea-food, kottu and hoppers.
  2. For the Love of Surfing and Yoga – These 2 activities are quite popular in Sri Lanka. Thanks to beaches, the water current makes it fun for surfing whether you are a beginner or a professional. While Yoga is also practiced by many locals where you can join a class to learn a few exercises.
  3. For Offering Cultural Heritage and Sights – Sri Lanka is home to a total of 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites that offers a cultural and historical experience. Moreover, these sites are located in every part of the country however, not that far. When you reach one site, you will be witnessing locals celebrating a few festivals along.

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