More Information About Australian Citizenship In Perth

Australia, a popular immigration destination, introduced Australian Citizenship in the year of 1949. Since more than 4 million migrants have obtained the citizenship of Australia.

At present, around 95% of the country’s population holds Australian citizenship. Moreover, around 900,000 permanent residents of the country can obtain citizenship if they want to.

In case, you are in the process of Australia immigration, then to get the citizenship of the country, it may take some years.

Certain circumstances influence Australian citizenship:

  • Birthplace and nationality of the applicant
  • The applicant’s birth parents
  • Spouse/de facto being an Australian citizen
  • Immigrating to Australia

To qualify in the Conferral General Eligibility test, you will have to live in Australia as a legal resident for at least 4 years period or more. You must be staying in Australia for at least 12 months period before applying as a permanent resident, and can’t stay outside the country for more than 1 year during those 4 years.

However, in any case, the applicant is confined in prison or a psychiatric institution during his or her time of residence in the country, then, the applicant may not fulfill the requirements for residency status.

To qualify for the Citizenship application, the applicant must have to pass the Citizenship Test and also have to provide the certificate of good character.