How beneficial is Saber SCC For Milk Automation?

Until now the only way to get the correct results SCC (somatic cell count) for cows in your herd is to perform a herd test. It is consuming, expensive and exhausting time. conductivity tests are farmers who can come closest to the detection of mastitis in the barn, but the conductivity is far from accurate, and only give an indication of mastitis in cows. You can explore this link to know more about Saber SCC.

SCC Saber, the world’s leading dairy sensor provides a true SCC tests, with results confirmed before the cow has finished milking. This means you have a somatic cell count results in real time for individual cattle, which allows the infection to be picked up much earlier.

Significantly Reduce your SCC

Farmers who have installed Saber SCC has been able to significantly reduce the level of SCC in herds they know exactly which cow level has improved and is able to pick them up at the level of sub-clinical.

Saber SCC automatic sensors, in-line sensor that provides you with live SCC (somatic cells) produce within two minutes cupping cows. Software on your phone or tablet allows you to record the results of the counting of somatic cells in cow, without the need for herd identification system. It could not be easier!

When you install the SCC Saber you will enjoy:

  • Results SCC is displayed directly on your phone / tablet.
  • Early warning of clinical mastitis and sub-clinical.
  • management of bulk somatic cell count increase.
  • Extended season due to an increase in the selection of milking cows to dry.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Saber SCC sensor works in both rotary and herringbone parlors and with or without an electronic animal identification system *.

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